Tuesday, September 26, 2006


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'Omega' means 'final', 'last', and 'the end'.

Although Nintendo clearly stated that the DS was NOT the next Gameboy. They still have not announced anything regarding the new system.
I am sure the success of the DS is one of the reasons, as they do not wish to take away any of the steam the system has accumulated. As well as the launch of the Wii come this November.
But Nintendo is known for their innovation, I should know. Ever since 1989 with the Original NES, I have owned (and enjoyed) every system the company produced, even the VirtualBoy.
So just a new iteration won't cut it, this product has to have a major innovation in the handheld scene. As well as be expandable and 'Future Proof'.
This is my humble gift to Nintendo, for all these years of entertainment.

And you can help too, I am taking in any serious alterations and concepts as well as ideas for modules, and I will rework the design January 2007.

I already have 2 extra modules in the works:
- A WarioWare 1 button + Gyroscope Module
- A Camera Phone Module

- - - - -

This Product is conceptual and not available on the market. It is not designed, endorsed or affiliated by Nintendo; The Gameboy trademark is registered to Nintendo.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Daily Grind

A logo I created last year. You may also want to check out the interview the good people at Oman3D recently gave me. Be sure to check out their great site.