Sunday, April 23, 2006

Custom Tailored Tech

Here are a couple of designs I did to merge between attire and technology.

The first one is a rosary (called Sabha here) with a USB flash drive.

The second is a Ogal (used to keep the traditional head scarf secure) containing blue ice, for hot days and those public speaking sessions. The Shumaq (head scarf) would disperse the coolness evenly.


صالح said...

والله أفكار مجنونة
ياخي وين مدونتك من زمان
الله يوفقك و متابع
بس حط صورك في مواقع مفتوحة ;)

Caribdom said...

Wow. What an idea. This looks almost like the blue amber beads we sell. Only mother nature does does not include the electronic feature.
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