Monday, February 25, 2008

No Objection to Phoenix on the iPod

Phoenix Wright was made for the one handed-on the go-save anywhere gaming platform of the iPod. In fact, I might be inclined to buy an iPod if Phoenix was released on it.

1- Episodic, can buy one episode at a time.
2- 320x240 screen is perfect for Phoenix.
3- Can play your own music in the boring parts.
4- Save anywhere.
5- Don’t need both hands to play.
6- You can store all the episodes on system, instead of swapping carts.
I am sure that it will sell a million in under a week, are you listening CAPCOM?

What you can do to make this a reality:
1- Leave a comment below.
2- Contact gaming websites like Joystiq or Kotaku and get them involved.

Until it is released, you should try the series on the Nintendo DS. It is the only series I can really recommend. And if you are looking for a Virtual Console game on the Wii, try Lords of Thunder, you can't go wrong there.

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igorponweed said...

I have a DS for games. :) But of course, I can not deny it would work well on the iPod. Not as good, but still well. I think that instead of Phoenix OR Apollo, they should have a new lawyer be the star! You can still play as Apollo and Phoenix, but this new one offers another style.